• "The Most Successful Leaders Are Servants First"
    - Ed O'Neal

  • "You can’t look far ahead if you won’t look deep inside."
    - Ed O'Neal

  • "Fun can be one of your greatest tools for team success"
    - Ed O'Neal

Hi, I’m Ed.

Your Leadership, Performance, Emotional Intelligence & Strengths Coach
I coach and equip successful leaders for lasting success and fulfillment in work and life.
Let me walk alongside you as you build the skills, self-awareness, resilience and margin necessary for lasting achievement. Together we’ll discover your personal vision, your values, and your roadmap for success. Along the way, we’ll identify your natural talents and build them into powerful strengths. The result? You’ll passionately and productively serve in your career and community without sacrificing your health and your most important relationships.
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What Do We Do

Our Services

Ed O'Neal is an experienced coach for individual leaders and teams. Rather than focusing on telling leaders and their teams what to do, Ed starts with the assumption that people are naturally creative, resourceful and whole. He helps his clients build self-awareness, identify gaps, explore new perspectives and have the courage to take action. They often already have the answers, but need a thinking partner to bring them to the surface. Ed is that thinking partner and brings over 40 years of experience building effective teams.

One-on-One Coaching

Coaching high performing leaders for increased success and fulfillment in work and life.

Group/Team Coaching & Workshops

Helping high performing teams build clear focus on their most important priorities, improve team performance and cohesion.


Scientifically reliable and valid assessments to help leaders and their teams understand and improve leadership competencies, talents, strengths and emotional intelligence
What Are People Saying?

Customer Reviews

  • "A truly captivating training session that kept my attention throughout the week of Crucial Conversation and Leadership training. I now have many things to think about from a new perspective."

    Danielle B.

    HR Advisor, Australia

  • "Working with Ed is a true pleasure. His experience and advice are invaluable. His coaching technique results in insights and understandings that I wouldn't have had on my own."

    Donald G.

    Tesla, Engineering Manager

  • "He has always lead by example, and his career and life experiences play a major role in his coaching and mentorship. He is the quintessential servant leader, and any organization would benefit from partnering with Unfazed Leadership."

    Suzanne M.

    MMI Foundation Executive Director

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