Joel Manby on Servant Leadership – 7 Principles That Will Transform Your Team

I got to know Joel Manby a little several years ago when he was CEO of SeaWorld. In the latest edition of his book “Love Works” he sets out a convincing model for loving your team to success with these 7 principles: Patient • Kind • Trusting • Unselfish • Truthful • Forgiving • DedicatedContinue reading “Joel Manby on Servant Leadership – 7 Principles That Will Transform Your Team”

Setting Clear Goals – The King and the Crooked Furrow

How can a servant leader help his or her team stay on a straight path in a world full of distractions, and unclear or moving targets? Davy Crockett, described in the 1955 Disney film as ‘The King of the Wild Frontier,” once told a story about a young boy plowing a field. The story wasContinue reading “Setting Clear Goals – The King and the Crooked Furrow”

Civility MUST NOT be a Priority!

Did I really just say that? Stick with me. You’d have to be almost entirely disconnected from modern society not to see that civil discourse is really suffering. I understand that incivility is nothing new. However, the multiple crises the world is experiencing, and the rapidity of the news cycle and social media, have drivenContinue reading “Civility MUST NOT be a Priority!”

Sometimes You Need to Wear Your Purple Shoes

Things are pretty tough for a lot of people right now. Truthfully, there has never been a time when things weren’t hard for someone. In tough times, emotional intelligence is particularly necessary for leaders. A leader must be able to accurately gage the situation, find ways to understand what his or her team members areContinue reading “Sometimes You Need to Wear Your Purple Shoes”

Don’t Shoot the Piano Player! He’s Doing the Best He Can.

Do you remember that saying? It came from old western movies. The picture is of a rowdy saloon where a whiskey drinking cowboy takes aim on a supposed card cheat. At that point, all bets are off. The other patrons are just as likely to draw a six-shooter or break a bottle or rickety chairContinue reading “Don’t Shoot the Piano Player! He’s Doing the Best He Can.”

Who Rained On My Parade?

In Honor of the Marion Military Institute Class of 2020 This year’s graduating class has missed a significant part of the MMI experience due to a virus which has changed all of our lives. Their unconventional commencement this week is one piece of that. The remarks come from a speech I gave at MMI twoContinue reading “Who Rained On My Parade?”

Hey, That’s MY Spot!

Years ago, I got in the habit of parking in the very last spot in the parking lot, in particular at work. I don’t mean the last open spot. I mean I parked as far away from the door as I could, regardless of how many cars were already in the parking lot. Over theContinue reading “Hey, That’s MY Spot!”

Servant Leadership Unmasked?

I recently posted an article from on my personal Facebook page and on Twitter (@UnfazedLeaders) which discussed whether it’s the right thing to do to wear as mask in public, in the midst of this pandemic, regardless of whether mandated by law. The article specifically addresses Christians, but I think the question isContinue reading “Servant Leadership Unmasked?”

Do A Good Turn Daily

Scouting is where I first heard about the importance of “Servant Leadership,” although I didn’t necessarily hear that term until many years later. It came in simple phrases like “Do a Good Turn Daily” or in active work on community service projects. It came in admonitions and statements of core beliefs such as “He whoContinue reading “Do A Good Turn Daily”

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